Online Class Timetable

From 15th June all online Zoom classes will be on the following schedule


  • 4-6 years 4.30pm 30 mins
  • 7-9 years 5.10pm 40 mins
  • 10-13 years 6pm 50 mins
  • 14+ years 7pm 60 mins


  • 7-9 years 5.10pm 40 minsonline class
  • 10-13 years 6pm 50 mins
  • 14+ years 7pm 60 mins

Online classes

online class

50 students in the first class

As we look to adapt to the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus outbreak we have added online classes to services. Students can access classes every week via video conferencing as well as 1-2-1 private lessons and video tutorials.

Classes suspended COVID-19

I’m sorry to say that all classes are now suspended due to school closures. Classes will be closed until the end of March, then there is the Easter break. Hopefully we will be able to resume after Easter but if we can not students will be contacted about training options. Thanks for your support in these difficult times.


AETA Redhill Medals

On 15th March Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do took a small team to the AETA competition in Redhill. Due to the Corono virus pandemic only 11 of the 35 competitors went to the tournament but they came back with a great medal haul.

  • redhill medalsEvie Persad – Gold spec tech, silver sparring, bronze pattern
  • Sophia Lee – Bronze spec tech, bronze patterns
  • Jessica Wallace – silver spec tech, bronze sparring
  • Anja Taleon – Silver sparring, Bronze pattern, bronze spec tech
  • Sophie Penn – Silver sparring, bronze spec tech
  • Jake Smith – silver spec tech
  • Byron Richardson – bronze spec tech
  • Donna Rye – Gold sparring, bronze pattern, bronze power
  • Luke Forte – Gold pattern, silver sparring
  • Rebecca Forte – Gold pattern, gold sparring, gold spec tech

Warrior Open Medals

warriorOn the 7th March Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do took 6 competitors to the 1st Warrior Open in Harrow, London. The team performed really well coming away with 2 gold and 2 silver medals.

Well done to

  • Donna Rye Gold in sparring
  • Luke Forte Gold in sparring
  • Matilda Grove Silver in sparring, silver in patterns.

Thanks to Mr T for coaching and Mrs Sweeney for refereeing all day.

Spaces for 4-6 year olds

kids classWe have a few spaces for 4-6 year olds on

  • Mondays 4pm
  • Tuesdays 4.30pm
  • Wednesdays 4.30pm
  • Thursdays 4pm

The children learn how to deal with bullies, balance and coordination, basic Taekwon-Do techniques in a fun, disciplined environment.

We run a 4 week trial, which costs £30, to see if the classes are a good fit for the child.

Spaces are limited as we like to keep class sizes small so get in touch to book your space.

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Adults Martial Arts Classes to Get Fit

adults classesLooking for a different way to get fit in 2020? Adults Martial Arts classes might just be what you are looking for. There are numerous benefits, including

  • weight loss
  • improved self confidence
  • learn self defence
  • relieve stress
  • increased focus
  • lead a healthy lifestyle
  • teaches good morals and values
  • improved athleticism
  • great social group

Adult classes are on Mondays and Thursdays 8pm – 9.30pm at St Gregory’s school. We run a 4 lesson trial for £30. Get in touch now for January start.

See our Facebook page for more updates.

Spaces for 7-9 year olds

We have a few spaces left in our 7-9 year old Children’s Martial Arts classes on Thursdays at 5.45pm. The classes are at St Gregory’s school. We run a 4 lesson trial, which costs £30.

The children learn blocks, kicks and strikes, how to defend themselves, increase their self esteem, improve balance and coordination and learn traditional martial arts techniques.

We only a few spots left so get in touch to book for January start.

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