Term Dates

classHalf term – 25th Oct until 31st Oct

Term restarts – 1st Nov

End of term – 9th Dec

New term starts 4th Jan (TUESDAY as Monday is bank holiday).

Adults classes continue 13th, 16th, 20th and 23rd December.

Grading syllabus

All grading syllabus resources (Korean PDFs, videos of patterns, step sparring, grading movements) are all available in the members section of the website. Please do not use the old book.

Last day of term

Thursday 15th July is the last day of term! Classes to resume in September (date TBC).

Adults classses continue through the summer except on the bank holiday Monday.

Normal Schedule Resuming!

All classes are starting back after half term. After 14 months of online classes, outdoor sessions and a reduced timetable in a new location we are back to normal (ish*).

Classes are no longer at the sports centre, we are based at St Gregorys school, St James Church Hall and St Barnabas Church Hall. Please see the schedule below

New timetable as follows – please note that Wednesday classes start one week later. 
4-6 years 
Tuesdays 4.30pm – 5.15pm St James Church hall Starting 8th June
Wednesdays 4.30pm – 5.15pm St Barnabas Church hall Starting 16th June
7-9 years
Monday 5.45pm – 6.40pm St Gregory’s school Starting 7th June
Tuesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm St James Church hall Starting 8th June
Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm St Barnabas Church hall Starting 16th June
Thursday 5.45pm – 6.40pm St Gregory’s school Starting 9th June
10-13 years
Monday 6.50pm – 7.50pm St Gregory’s school Starting 7th June
Tuesday 6.45pm – 7.45pm St James Church hall Starting 8th June
Thursday 6.50pm – 7.50pm St Gregory’s school Starting 9th June
14+ years
Monday 8pm-9.30pm St Gregory’s school Starting 7th June
Thursday 8pm-9.30pm St Gregory’s school Starting 9th June
  • almost back to normal – covid restrictions mean that numbers are still limited by hall size and government restrictions about what we can actually do in classes. Childrens classes are almost back to normal, adults classes are about halfway. The combat sport framework as outlined by the DCMS currently allows for sparring for children and pad work for adults but no competition yet.

Classes starting back

Classes starting back at St James Church Hall from 20th April. There are currently no spaces for new students but hopefully once the restrictions allow we will return to our bigger venue and have more capacity. Please get in touch to go on the waiting list.


4-6 years 4.30pm

7-9 years 5.30pm

10-13 years 6.45pm



4-6 years 4.30pm

7-9 years 5.30pm

10-13 years 6.45pm

14+ years 8pm

March Update

Here’s a quick update of things going on at the club from the last few months.

Due to the currently lockdown we are not taking new students but we do have a waiting list for when things get going again. That said, it is unlikely that when classes do start back we will be able to take new students due to space restrictions – whatever they maybe. It is not clear from the governments road map out of lockdown when we will be able to resume. It looks likely that we will be able to do some outdoor sessions in April and children’s classes ‘might’ be able to resume after Easter. Adults may have to wait until middle of May but again, this could all change.


Grading in the park

We are looking at arranging more 1-2-1 gradings in the park for those that are ready. So make sure you study hard!

New 3 and 2 step sparring videos have been uploaded to the members page for the yellow and green belts looking to grade soon.

Start em young! Jack is fascinated by Master Barada

Mr Thompson and Mrs Sweeney have been keeping up their skills and teaching methods by attending quite a few online courses provided by the ITF (ITF Online Technical Seminar (3 days), ITF Kids Courses (3 Saturday sessions) and ITF Sparring Seminar (4 hours with 6 of the best coaches in the World)). Also looking forward to at least one more course in April with Master Jedut.

We ran a Fitness for TKD class on Zoom in February and it was really well received. We had some national team members join in as well as a parent of a student. It was hard and sweaty but great fun and what better way to start the weekend.

Mr Thompson attended the ITF England AGM last weekend, the first time as an independent club. It was great to see instructors from up and down the country working together for the National Association. Congratulations to Master Lear on being elected as Vice President.

Lastly we are looking at entering some students for the Open World E-Tournament. More details coming soon!

Zoom class times

onlineWhilst we are in tier 4 classes will be online using Zoom. Times and days remain the same as usual St James classes:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
4-6 year olds will be 25-30 minutes @ 4.30pm
7-9 years will be 40-45 minutes @ 5.30pm
10-13 years will be 45-50 mins @ 6.45pm
14+ will be an hour @ 8pm