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Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do was started in 2011 by Master Luke Thompson in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Sahyun Thompson is a 7th degree black belt and international instructor with the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and current coach for the England National Taekwon-Do Team.


The Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do school offers classes for all different ages as well as personal fitness training and private or semi-private self defence lessons. The students learn how to deal with bullies, develop confidence and get to compete at a high level in sport competitions. Students also get to progress through the grade system, working hard to show what they have learned and proving that they have earned the next belt.

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Master  Thompson has been training in TKD for over 34 years and has competed at many national and international competitions:

  • 2023 National Team Coach
  • 2023 Holland Cup – Gold sparring, Silver patterns
  • 2023 European Cup – bronze in patterns
  • 2022 Scottish Championships – gold in sparring, patterns and special technique, silver in power test. Overall Male Champion (36 years +)
  • 2019 Open British Championships – Gold in sparring, Gold in patterns, Silver in power test. Overall Male Champion (36 years +)
  • National team coach for England at European Championships in Finland (2016), at European and World Championships (Bulgaria and Ireland) in 2017, European Championships (Slovenia) in 2018, World Championships (Germany) in 2019
  • Kuala Lumpur team coach in 2017 (Malaysia)
  • 2017 Open British Championships – Silver medals in patterns, sparring and breaking
  • 2015 European Championships (Scotland) – Bronze medal in team power
  • 2015 Holland Cup – Gold medal in sparring, bronze medal in patterns
  • 2015 World Championships (Italy) – Bronze medal in team patterns
  • 2015 British Open – silver in patterns
  • 2014 Puma World Open – Silver in sparring
  • 2013 World Championships (Spain) – Gold medal in team power and bronze medal in team patterns
  • 2013 UK Open – Gold medal in sparring
  • 2013 Celtic Cup – Silver in sparring, bronze in patterns
  • Represented England in 2013 and 2014 (European championships) and 2007 (World Championships)
  • 2012 Celtic Cup – Gold in sparring, bronze in patterns
  • 2010 English Open – Gold medal in sparring
  • 2010 London Open – Gold medal in sparring
  • 2008 Celtic Cup – Gold in patterns, silver in sparring
  • 2008 GTF Championships Malaysia – Gold in sparring, gold in patterns
  • 2007 English Open – silver sparring

medalsMaster Thompson is also a coach for the England national Taekwon-Do team and former coach for the Vision TKD Association as well as a black belt examiner for the association. After winning a bronze at the European Championships in 2015 Master Thompson decided to retire from competing for England and to focus on coaching.

You can read at Mr Thompson’s training experience in Malaysia here



wpid-IMG_6372272862581901.jpg Gold bronze

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