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★★★★★ My daughters has been attending classes at Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do for a few months now, and they having a brilliant time. They are looking forward to go every week. Mr. Thompson makes the lessons interesting and encourages them to push themselves, without them feeling pressured. I would highly recommend Tunbridge Wells Taekwondo classes. K Wu March 2024

★★★★★ I have been attending Tunbridge Wells Taekwondo for over a year now. Every session has been amazing! It’s great exercise, really fun and you learn a lot. Luke uses awesome teaching methods – which are usually challenging but always rewarding and fun. I go every week and always look forward to it! I have already done a competition where I won a bronze medal thanks to my fantastic training. Would highly recommend! FP, Nov 2023

★★★★★ My daughter loves going. She often finds it hard to participate in groups due to SEN and anxiety but always looks forward to going and settled in really quickly. She enjoys the group games and is passionate about Taekwando, including putting the effort in to learn the Korean phrases! I’m so pleased she has found an activity she really loves.

★★★★★ Mr Thompson is a great instructor and my son loves training with him. TKD is wonderful for confidence, self-discipline, strength and flexibility and making new friends! J Robinson Jan 2023

★★★★★ My son joined last September and absolutely loves it with Mr Thompson being his favourite teacher of all time!! The lessons are great fun and teach more than just Taekwon-Do i.e about things such as bullying which is brilliant – cant recommend enough (my son is 6yrs old) S Duffy Jan 2023

★★★★★ My daughter has been attending classes at Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do for a few months now, and she is having a brilliant time. She looks forward to going every week, and learns so much during each class. I’m amazed by how much she’s learnt already, from kicks, punches and blocks, to Korean phrasing. Luke makes the lessons interesting and fun, and encourages them to push themselves, without them feeling pressured. She has just passed her first grading and is over the moon. I would highly recommend Luke’s classes. D Payne Sept 2022

My 8 year old son has been taking classes with Mr T for a few months and absolutely loves it. They get a good physical workout, and he always makes it fun. Has already done his first grading which motivates them to progress. Would definitely recommend. F Wilkinson, Jan 2022

My son has been attending Mr Thompson’s classes for 6 months now and its the highlight of his week! N Bloomfield Jun 2022

Excellent class! My daughter loves Taekwon-Do. Thanks coach Luke for your amazing job. Ilaria Jun 2022

My son attends classes run by Mr Thompson, he absolutely loves going and has really learnt some moves! highly recommended. N Rose, Jan 2022My son attends classes run by Mr Thompson, he absolutely loves going and has really learnt some moves! highly recommended. N Rose, Jan 2022

Excellent coaching for all ages, my son is always excited attending the training. M Oates, Jan 2022

★★★★★ My son has been having lessons for some time now. I find Mr Thompson is a very good teacher he engages with all age groups very well, he makes it fun and gets them progressing through each level and give support where needed. My son enjoys going and this has built up his confidence. K Cooper, Jun 2021

I trained with Luke as a black belt and then my three kids have done the same. TW TKD has a great ability to keep everyone (from those with international level talent to the mere mortals like me) engaged and interested in both TKD and fitness, with my older kids taking that with them to university, and the younger one still loving his classes. The club has adapted exceptionally to the current lock down allowing us to continue to train at home whilst checking in for knowledge gaps. Looking forward to getting into classes again, but also loving the online facility that has added to the offering. G Bayley, Apr 2020

★★★★★ My son studied at TW TKD and he loved it. Fantastic instruction from all the staff who are strict but also caring and supportive. Perfect combination. Highly recommended! D Brown, Feb 2020

My son and I both love these Taekwon-Do classes. Mr Thompson is amazing with the children, and he makes the classes really fun and high energy whilst teaching valuable lessons about all aspects of life including healthy food choices and how to deal with bullies. Have been recommending the classes to everyone and have even got one of my son’s friends to come along (who also loves it!). Cannot recommend enough! Definitely 5 stars! A Collins, January 2020

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My daughter really enjoys the classes. They are perfect for building confidence and fitness. Mr Thompson has a great rapport with class. I would highly recommend Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do. L Wild, October 2019

★★★★★ My son really enjoys his Taekwon-Do lessons and is very motivated by the activities and the teacher. C Tetley, December 2019

★★★★★ Our son (6) has been doing Tae Kwon Do for more than a year with Tunbridge Wells Tae Kwon-Do. He thoroughly enjoys the classes and achieving his coloured belt stripes via the periodic tests. His core strength, confidence and concentration have improved throughout. The classes are energetic, fun and varied. In the classes the children also learn about how to deal with bullies and strangers, safety at home and balanced nutrition. Luke is a very positive, enthusiastic and professional instructor who the children clearly respect. Highly recommend. Victoria. April 2019

Self confidence, self control, self defence…and fun!
Fantastically holistic classes with a wonderful teacher – you couldn’t ask for any better. The teacher invests in each child who in turn plainly respects the teachings and teacher. Classes cover a range of topics including values, nutrition, anti-bulling as well as building physical strength, co-ordination, listening and linguistic skills! Also great experience working towards and taking part in grading events, gaining stripes to show progression. Highly recommended. J. April 2019.

I have been watching my grandson learn so many new skills at Mr Thompson’ s Taekwon-Do class, over the past year, and enjoyed seeing him grow in lots of different ways. He has learned to listen more attentively, and has enjoyed working for his grades, learning about team-work, healthy foods, even eating his broccoli….
Mr. Thompson expects good behaviour, effort, and success in executing the moves correctly, and has reward stickers for the class members who do, (always with fairness). He shows respect for the children and teaches them to always be respectful to one another. This they have learned to do and it is a very happy class. M. April 2019

My daughter (6) has been doing Taekwon-Do with Luke for 2 years now and she absolutely loves it. Classes in her age group are a mixture of Taekwon-Do practise and games to keep the children entertained. They learn discipline, improve confidence and also discuss how to stay safe. My daughter always looks forward to her grading and achieving the next rank. Luke is highly accomplished instructor, but most importantly he’s very clearly a great teacher that knows how to work with children. Highly recommended. Petr 2019

My daughter (6) has been going to Mr Thompson’s Taekwondo lessons for around 8 months now and she really looks forward to going along every week. She loves everything about them, from the warm-up games to the taekwondo techniques. It’s also really great from a parenting perspective that the classes cover what to do about bullies and stranger-danger.
She’s learning great skills like focus and team work, not to mention becoming stronger physically.
The classes are always at such a good pace and are really varied and fun. I’d recommend them to anyone! Jen 2019


Mr T is s great teacher. My son and daughter both love his classes and it really helps with their confidence. The classes are a great mix of fun games and discipline and they always learn something new. It’s great to have a class where the girls and boys really are equal! Jane 2018

My son loves the classes. Luke is a great teacher. All the students show a lot of respect for him. It’s been great for my son’s confidence. I definitely recommend Tim 2018

My son really love’s doing his taekwondo, he is learning a lot although at times he is over the top. Mr Thompson has been very patient and understanding and the discipline of the children is rather remarkable.Great teacher! Sherly 2018

This has been a wonderful learning experience for our son and daughter. The lesson instructors are positive, enthusiastic, patient and highly proficient.. Could not recommend the classes enough. Jennie 2018


★★★★★ I have trained with Mr Thompson for years and he is a fantastic instructor with excellent knowledge of the martial art! Classes are great fun and ideal for anyone who is interested in self defence or just want to lose some weight and get fit. Highly recommend. Steven 2018

My children Evie (11) and Reuben(7) have been attending Taekwondo with Mr Thompson for a year now and they love it. After a term Evie’s dance teacher commented on how much she had improved in terms of balance and strength which must be attributed to TWD. I love that they learn about self defence and body language as well as the skills needed to get their belts. The gradings were a pretty challenging but also a real achievement as unlike many things the kids do it wasn’t handed to them on a plate. Mr Thompson is kind fair and always in control of the kids who have great respect for him. I feel we are very lucky to have access to this TKD school locally. Debbie September 2017

My 6 year old son has been going to the class for almost a year, and he is still loving it. His confidence has grown, his physical strength improved, and participating in and passing the regular grading sessions are a great achievement for him.
I love that the children are taught every day life tools next to Taekwon-Do, such as how to deal with bullies, what to do in an emergency, or how to behave towards strangers.
Mr Thompson is an amazing coach, very funny yet always authoritative, and in control.
I will definitely sign up my daughter once she is old enough. Kathrin Forbes Dec 2016

My daughter Jessie (9) began attending Mr Thompson’s classes in October 2013 and since joining she has loved every minute of it, and really looks forward to it each week.
Mr Thompson is an excellent teacher – professional and knowledgeable with a great balance between teaching the physical and technical discipline of Taekwon-Do and ensuring the class have fun whilst doing it. Taekwon-Do has improved Jessie’s physical strength, balance and flexibility, and also her confidence.
Since taking Jessie to Mr Thompson’s classes I have also enrolled myself into the adult class, which I thoroughly enjoy. It’s a great physical workout, whilst gaining self defence skills. I would definitely recommend it! Richard Marshall, November 2015.

My 5 and 7 year old boys really enjoy these classes and have benefitted greatly in terms of discipline (especially the 5 year old!) and learning a new skill. Luke Thompson is great with the kids and keeps them engaged. I’m impressed and would recommend his classes. Rej Dosanjh, August 2015

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My daughter attended the taster sessions two years ago, when a friend asked her if she would go with her, and she hasn’t looked back. It is easy to see why all the students love it so much, Mr Thompson is an excellent ambassador for Taekwon-do and the enthusiasm he shows for this sport is infectious. Every Lesson is the perfect balance of fun games and acquisition of skills and techniques. Mr Thompson’s teaching style is firm but kind and his engaging and inspiring sessions earn him the respect of all his students. As a parent I have been delighted at the amount of confidence my daughter has gained through doing Taekwon-do and this has been evident in all areas of her life in and out of school. In addition to her gaining self-confidence my daughter’s agility, flexibility and stamina have all improved and family members have commented on how elegant she is now. My younger daughter has since joined the same class and she equally loves it.
When I asked my elder daughter what she likes about Taekwon-do she said, that it makes her feel good about herself and she comes away feeling calm. I would unreservedly recommend Mr Thompson’s classes: they are the highlight of our week. Andrea Grove, July 2015

Since starting Taekwondo at this school, my son has gained in confidence, self esteem, self discipline and has made some lovely friends there too. As parents we are very impressed with the way the classes are run: disciplined and fun especially the classes on safety (stranger danger etc). We would and have highly recommended these classes to all our friends who have kids. Vanessa Grist, July 2015

My 10-year-old son started attending once-a-week Taekwon-do lessons in the autumn of 2013 and went up to twice-a-week early in 2014. Last year, his 7-year-old brother joined him. Unlike my experience with other martial arts classes, Mr Thompson makes the lessons fun while at the same time maintaining discipline, and they are always varied so there’s always something new and exciting to try out. My boys love the lessons, which not only have helped them improve their fitness, but also their co-ordination and self-confidence. Mr Thompson is an excellent teacher. Emma Campos-Redman, January 2015.

My son started classes with Mr Thompson when he was 4, nearly 3 years later he still loves it and gets a great deal out of every class. He’s learnt the value that with practice you can really achieve difficult things. All the children clearly enjoy the class and it’s a great balance of games and training. Michael Westlake 2014

My son and daughter started Taekwon-do classes with Mr Thompson nearly 2 years ago when they were 3 years old. They absolutely love his class. Mr. Thompson is a fabulous teacher. He has a way of making the class fun with games and drills and at the same time, teaches them about respect, concentration, kindness and hard work. Besides the physical fitness, strength and flexibility that the kids work on, they are also learning life skills such as dealing with bullies and strangers. I have watched the children’s self confidence grow and I am so pleased that they have a role model like Mr Thompson to look up to! Monica Abrosimoff 2014


My daughter (6 years old) has been attending Mr Thompson’s class for almost two years. In addition to learning about Taekwon-do, she has gained valuable life skills and grown in self confidence. She thoroughly enjoys the lessons and that is a reflection of Mr Thompson’s ability to both engage and inspire the children. They thrive under his tuition and his kind but firm manner supports them to develop their skills and have fun along the way. Catherine Farrell 2014

Both my daughters do Taekwon-do with Mr Thompson. The difference Taekwon-do has made to the self confidence of the younger one is particularly evident. When she first started she was extremely shy and didn’t want to join in the warm up games. After 6 months, she skips in and loves every minute of it. She has even stood up in front of her class at school and demonstrated some of the moves! My older daughter has been participating for over a year and not only does it complement her other after school activities (gymnastics and swimming) very well, it has really helped her concentration. Of course, learning some self defence is always a bonus for girls as well! I would highly recommend Mr Thompson’s classes. Gemma James 2014

My boy (6years) was desperate to join taekwon-do after seeing boys in taekwon-do suits in sport centre and I’m so glad we did. Mr. Thompson is someone, who kids kids will look up to and his professionalism is very appreciated by parents. Lessons are well balanced with fun and exercise. Besides taekwon-do moves kids are taught and encouraged to behave exceptionally in their every day life. My boy said: “I’m so happy then I do taekwon-do”. Ruta Joksas 2013

My son has attended the Tigers class for 6 months and absolutely loves it! Luke is a great teacher and the classes are the perfect mix of fun, active and disciplined. Each class involves games and technical Taekwon-do with the addition of Bully Drills, Stranger Danger or Fire Safety which is a great idea for this age group. Although too young to obtain the different belts, there is grading sessions for the Tigers and my son is very proud to have already obtained his first ribbon. Louise Baker 2013

I have looked for the Taekwondo classes in Tunbridge Wells area to allow my older son to continue his training after moving from London. I found Mr Thompson’s classes and enrolled both of my kids (8 and 4 year old) earlier this year. It is great to see that the classes are so popular with kids of all ages and adults too! Mr Thompson is very professional in his style and approach to teaching. Children learn discipline and are given sound knowledge of the basics of Taekwon-do. The classes are good for improving coordination, balance and overall fitness. Mr Thompson manages to keep classes fun as well. So far my boys have been really enjoying it. Anna Fernandez 2013

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Mr Thompson is an excellent trainer. His lessons are well thought out and the kids really enjoy themselves. There is a good balance between fun warm up games and learning the technical skills. He strikes the right balance between being fun but still firm with the kids. I highly recommend his classes. Christina Brown 2013

Mr. Luke Thompson’s classes are always thought out and structured with a good balance between physical exercise and technical instruction. Lessons are presented in a professional but engaging fashion and I always look forward to them. I would recommend to anyone that they come along and have a go. Gordon Ilgunas 2013

My 8 year old really enjoys his class. It is well structured with enough variety to keep him engaged. Anthony Forte 2013

I take part in the adult classes and they are such fun.. It’s a brilliant way to improve all round fitness and learn a new skill, I love it! Definitely recommend giving it a go! Sarah Budd 2012

Luke is a wonderful teacher and trainer. He coaches the children with just the right balance of firmness and friendliness. They have progressed quickly with him. My husband and I also train with Luke – we all really look forward to our sessions with him! Harriet Lipman 2012

Our 11 year old son started the 4 week trial in September and has not looked back since. He’s just passed his first grading and is very proud of the achievement. With a good mix of technical training, self defence skills and games, the classes are great fun and the kids are always enthusiastic. Glenn Stokes 2012

Excellent class, the children are focussed and entertained whilst been taught Taikwon-do by a professional instructor. Whatever level the children are at the class is tailored to their ability. I would thoroughly recommend the class for children’s self esteem and fitness whilst learning a martial art. Jude Sheppard 2012

We signed up to TKD Tigers class after my son (then three) got attacked at a play centre. I think it’s brilliant, teaching how to deal with bullies and strangers. Mr Thompson is great with the children, firm but fair, they are taught to take turns and be respectful. My son loves the games and without even realising his balance and coordination has improved massively. Jane Lawson 2012

Fantastic exercise & fun balanced with gaining martial art skills. You can progress at your own pace from a beginner (as I have), and focus as much on taking gradings and gaining new belts, or focussing on fitness and strength, as you like. Tom McGuinness 2012

My 6 year old son’s highlight of the week is his Tigers class & my 2.5 year old is counting down to his 3rd birthday so he can join! There’s certainly no messing around in Mr Thompson’s class, but the children have great fun & learn some really valuable life skills – we’ve noticed a big difference in our son’s self-confidence since starting and for that alone it’s worth every penny. Sarah C 2012

First class young school with a great instructor who has achieved the balance between teaching technically and keeping it fun. Graeme Graeme Bayley 2011

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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Luke has been expertly instructing my children in the art of Taekwon-Do for almost 4 years now. Luke is clearly devoted to teaching TKD and my children absolutely love going to his lesson, their self confidence, discipline and awareness have grown significantly under his guidance. Luke is very skilled, patient, conscientious, professional and the perfect person that could want to interact with your children. I highly recommended Luke to anyone that would like to be instructed or to have their children instructed in this wonderful art. Joe King  June 23, 2014

My daughter Jessie (7) began attending Mr Thompson’s classes in October 2013 and since joining she has loved every minute of it, and really looks forward to it each week. 
Mr Thompson is an excellent teacher – professional and knowledgeable with a great balance between teaching the physical and technical discipline of Taekwon-Do and ensuring the class have fun whilst doing it. Taekwon-Do has improved Jessie’s physical strength, balance and flexibility, and also her confidence. 
Since taking Jessie to Mr Thompson’s classes I have also enrolled myself into the adult class, which I thoroughly enjoy. It’s a great physical workout, whilst gaining self defence skills. I would definitely recommend it! Richard Marshall 2014

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Luke has trained my son at Tae Kwon Do for over 2 years and he has loved every minute of it. Aside from his technical expertise and patience when training, Luke has an excellent ability to combine the right amount of fun and discipline required for such a sport. Justin Porritt 2013

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative “Luke adapts his teaching style to the age and ability of the pupil he is coaching and so gains the utmost respect from the group. He is authoritative but fair ensuring all students are fully engaged and therefore get the most out of each lesson. My daughter started at Actuate Taekwondo to boost her confidence; having Luke as her instructor is giving my daughter the drive and ambition to succeed.” September 9, 2012 Emma Selmes

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time “It is clear that Luke believes in what he does being highly motivated with an insightful and deep knowledge beyond Taekwon-Do. When teaching his classes are engaging and well structured to provide the right level of intensity for different capabilities. Luke is also highly professional being reliable, organised and able to run a busy schedule on time.” August 22, 2011 Alex Blackman

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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Luke has provided training for me both as a Taekwon-Do instructor and as a personal trainer, and his training is always of an extremely high standard. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and motivational, and has helped me to set and to achieve a number of personal fitness goals. The training sessions are demanding but Luke designs training such that I am able to work at a level that’s appropriate for me, meaning that every time I train it is a positive experience. I would recommend Luke to anyone who wants to really improve their fitness.” September 13, 2011 Saveria Di Gerlando

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative “I have received personal training from Luke several times, usually to help me to achieve a short-term goal – training for a race, or for a Taekwon-Do grading, for example – and each time he has helped me immensely, not only in terms of putting me through a workout that is tailored to my needs and fitness level, but also with advice to help my physical and mental preparation; stretching plans and motivational guidance, for example. In addition Luke has taught me Taekwon-Do on a number of occasions, and I have always found his classes to be just the right combination of demanding, enjoyable and rewarding. He is highly knowledgeable about Taekwon-Do, is clearly enthusiastic about it, and sets high standards for himself and for his students (and helps his students to meet and exceed them). Luke is knowledgeable, professional and full of ideas, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Taekwon-Do or to improve their fitness either for sport or for general health and wellbeing.” August 25, 2011 Simon Cox

Recommendations for Actuate Personal Training

Guy Lambert: In October 2012 I won a medal for sparing at the Taekwon-do World Cup. One of the key reasons for my success was regular fitness training with Luke. Your ambitions may be less extreme than mine, but whatever they are Luke will help you. You will find his training creative, sensitive and sensible. Whether you simply want to lose weight, tone up, recover from injury, get fit – or you have your own ambitions – talk to Luke and he will help you achieve your goals. I unreservedly recommend Luke Thompson.

Wendy Pearce: Luke is a very professional and motivating personal trainer.I don’t feel bullied when I train but encouraged and have seen great results in my strength and fitness.I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs variety in their workouts that is also specifically geared towards their own needs.


Jay Hill: Training with Luke is fun and works! He devised clear, short and long term goals with me and I have already achieved this year’s initial short term goals, to improving my diet and win a gold medal for Taekwon-do. Luke is supportive, encouraging and professional throughout each training session. He also is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, so I am always learning more.

Beth Mackay: Luke is fantastic at tailoring a programme for your personal needs and takes the time to get it right for you. He encourages you to make real progress making challenging but realistic goals with you, making sure you are working within your stretch zone. Luke’s support has helped me get back on track with my fitness goals and sticking with it!

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