Vision Championship Results

trophiesTunbridge Wells TKD sent a small team to the Vision TKD Championships on the 9th May. Despite being a small club and only sending 21 competitors Tunbridge Wells finished an amazing 3rd out of 14 schools in the overall medal table.

Well done to all the competitors. Even though not everyone got a medal they all performed excellently and overcame the nerves to compete. 

You can see the total medal results on the Vision website here.

Jack Sydenham Gold special technique, silver sparring, silver patterns,
Lucy Selmes Bronze patterns
Amelia James Gold sparring, bronze special technique
Calum Scott Bronze sparring
Ivan Espenilla Bronze sparring
Dayne De Jesus Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Harry Cheadle Silver sparring, bronze patterns, bronze special technique
Tianna Sandles Gold special technique, silver sparring, silver patterns
Phoebe King Gold patterns
Benji Brandon Bronze sparring
Alex Redman Bronze sparring
Freya Wooton Bronze patterns, bronze sparring
Emily Sydenham Silver power, bronze sparring, bronze patterns
Tobias Smith Gold power, silver sparring
Richard Marshall Silver power, bronze sparring, bronze sparring
Michael Westlake Gold patterns, silver sparring


podiumThanks to Mr T and Mrs Budd for refereeing all day.

Next up is the London Open!


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