New years getting fit resolution?

classThe start to a new year is a great time for people to try and get a bit fitter. But the idea of joining the gym is not for everyone. It can be intimidating or just seem boring to those who prefer sports to ‘just working out’. So why not give Taekwon-Do a go? The classes are very active, you are always guaranteed to have a tough workout and get quite sweaty.

Not only will you do strength and cardiovascular exercises but learn useful skills to defend yourself. 

We have classes for all ages and offer a 4 lesson trial period. Benefits include:

  • warm upimproved balance & coordination
  • learn self defence
  • develop strength
  • increase flexibility
  • grow in self confidence
  • tone up/lose weight
  • increase cardio fitness
  • improved mental acuity
  • and HAVE FUN!

If you are interested in Taekwon-Do classes please get in touch for more details.

And if you prefer personal training in the gym then our sister company has a half price special offer for January –

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