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Term dates, gradings and more

  • 1st Dec – Colour belt grading (TWells)
  • 5th Dec – Xmas Curry
  • 13th Dec – End of term
  • 17th and 20th Dec – Adults classes
  • 24th, 27th and 31st Dec – no classes
  • 3rd Jan – Adults class
  • 7th Jan – Term starts
  • 19th Jan – Brendan Doogan Power and Spec Tech Seminar (Tonbridge)
  • 26th Jan – Open Dutch (Netherlands)
  • 16th Feb – PUMA Open (Swindon)
  • 18th Feb – Half Term

New 10-13 years class

new classDue to the Monday and Thursday classes being at maximum capacity as of April we are starting a new class for 10-13 year olds.

This will be on Tuesday’s at the Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre at 6.30pm.

Spaces will be limited to get in touch to book your 4 week trial now.

End of term

termThe last day of term is Thursday 21st July.

The new term starts on Monday 5th September.

Adult classes continue.

Have a great summer and don’t forget those holiday sidekick photos!

Summer dates

Several exciting plans coming up in June and July:

  • June 9th – all classes at the sports centre
  • June 13th  – classes normally at St Greg’s are going to be outside on the Tunbridge Wells common, weather permitting. 6.30pm all kids, 7.30pm adults.
  • June 23rd – TW TKD 5th birthday
  • July 2nd – Demo at St Mark’s school
  • July 3rd – Grading at TW Sports Centre
  • July 17th – Vision competition in Redhill
  • July 21st – End of term

July Grading

gradingThis term’s grading will be on Sunday 3rd July.

It will be at a different location to the usual grading, this time it will be at the TW Sports Centre on St John’s road.



3-6 years at 10.45pm

Then 7+

  • 12.30 pm for white belts and yellow tags
  • 2 pm for yellow belts and green tags
  • 3 pm for green belts and above

TKD class times update

As mentioned last month there are no kids classes from today for 2 weeks.
So no kids class today or tomorrow or next week. Then in the half term week there are no classes on Monday and no kids classes on Tuesday.
The first kids class back is on Wednesday 1st June. There are also kids classes on Thursday 2nd June.
There will be adult classes on this week and next but not on bank holiday Monday.
Weds 18th May – no class
Thurs 19th May – no kids, adults only
Mon 23rd May – no kids, adults only
Tues 24th May – no class
Weds 25th May – no class
Thurs 26th May – no class
Mon 30th May – no class (bank holiday)
Tues 31st May – no class
Weds 1st June – YES CLASS – back to normal

Change to term dates

kids tkdDue to coaching at the European Championships there are quite a few changes to the term dates…



  • Mon 25th April – normal service
  • Tues 26th – no classes
  • Weds 27th – no classes
  • Thurs 28th – no kids classes (adults still on)
  • Mon 2nd May – no classes (not even adults)
  • Tues 3rd May – normal service resumes…
  • Mon 16th May – normal
  • Tues 17th May – normal
  • Weds 18th – no classes
  • Thurs 19th – no kids classes (adults still on)
  • Mon 23rd May – no kids classes (adults still on)
  • Tues 24th May – no classes
  • Weds 25th May – no classes
  • Thurs 26th May – no kids classes (adults still on)
  • Mon 30th May – no classes (bank holiday, not even adults)
  • Tues 31st May – no classes
  • Weds 1st June – normal service resumes….all the way until Thurs 21st July.