Results from Impact Open 2022

What a great start to the year! We took a team of 19 competitors to the Impact Open in Haywards Heath and returned with:
12x 🥇
10x 🥈
2x 🥉
Not everyone got a medal but the morning session was successful for many students getting on the mats for their first competition experience. Most people never find the courage to even try to get on the mats so well done!
Many thanks to Mrs Budd for refereeing all day and to Mrs Sweeney and Mr T for coaching. Special thanks must go to the parents of the students that supported them and the rest of the team and for everyone that stayed late to watch the adults compete. When almost everyone had left the hall it was great to see quite a few Tunbridge Wells students sticking around to watch their instructor compete.
Many thanks to GM Nardizzi and Mr Mayes for inviting us. We look forward to coming back next time.

  • Evie gold patterns, gold sparring, gold spec tech
  • Alexa gold sparring, gold power test
  • Luke gold spec tech, silver sparring, bronze patterns
  • Mrs Sweeney gold sparring, silver patterns
  • Grace gold sparring
  • Jake gold sparring
  • Alfie gold sparring
  • Donna silver patterns
  • Byron silver sparring, silver spec tech
  • George silver sparring, silver spec tech
  • Josh silver sparring
  • Alex silver sparring
  • Sophia silver sparring, bronze spec tech
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