Competition results

georgeOn the 25th June Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do took 14 competitors to the 2nd Vision league championships of 2017 to Alton. The kids competed in 3 disciplines; patterns, sparring and special technique whilst the adults did patterns, sparring and power breaking. This was a really great competition, especially for those competing for the first time.

Well done to all the students who took part and many thanks to Mrs Budd and Mr T for refereeing all day and to all the parents that gave up their Sunday to support their children.

The next competition is much closer to home (Tonbridge!) so we hope to take a large team and move up the overall medal table.

Here are the photos of the students.


  • Jack Sydenham silver in sparring, bronze in special tech
  • Mike Westlake gold in patterns, gold in breaking, silver in sparring
  • Dayne DeJesus silver in sparring, bronze in special tech
  • Matilda Grove bronze in patterns, bronze in sparring
  • Donna Rye silver in breaking
  • Alex Redman silver in patterns
  • Luke Forte bronze in patterns
  • Jose Africa bronze in sparring
  • Kate DeGuzman silver in special tech
  • George Lipman gold in sparring
  • Byron Richardson silver in sparring
  • Jessica Wallace gold in special tech, bronze in sparring, bronze in patterns
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