Vision Taekwondo

Master Tan class in England

Vision Taekwon-Do was created by Grand Master Tan in Malaysia.


I have been training under Mr Lear for many years, ever since he returned from Malaysia. I loved the stories that he told about his training in Malaysia and the training that we were now doing in England. But it was not enough, I wanted to go and experience training under Master Tan for myself. After many years of not realising my dream for whatever excuse there was at the time I had an opportunity to visit Malaysia on holiday. A group of Vision England members were going on a 2 week holiday with Master Tan and some of his students around Malaysia and Thailand. It wasn’t the hardcore training mission that I had hoped for but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

tkd malaysiaThe trip was amazing (you can read about it here). But the best part of it was that it had renewed my determination to train in Malaysia. A year later my dream became true – I managed to get 2  months off work and booked my flights.

I won’t go into every detail (that’s here) but training under Master Tan was by far and away the best experience of my life. I learnt so much not only about Taekwon-do but about teaching, perseverance and family. Vision in Malaysia is family. Master Tan’s family is not just his wife, son and daughter but all of Vision. I was welcomed into the family. We trained together and socialised together. Training was incredibly difficult but immensely rewarding.

Lyo side kick
Master Tan and his son Lyonel

Thank you to Master Tan for teaching me and welcoming me into your family. Sifu, I can not express my gratitude enough.
And many thanks to Mr Lear for bringing Vision back to England and instilling the values in his students.

The black belts in the Vision Taekwon-do Association wear a Vision badge on their uniform. If you want one you will have to work very, very hard but it is worth it.


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